10 reasons why India has a sexual violence problem

The case of a 23-year-old medical student who died after a brutal gang rape on a bus in   has seemed to snap India to attention about its endemic sexual violence problem. Hundreds of Indians poured into the streets of New Delhi to mourn the young woman, and police announced that the six men arrested in connection with the attack had been charged with murder.

In recent years, New Delhi has earned the title of “rape capital” of India, with more than 560 cases of rape reported in the city, but violence against Indian women is widespread and has deep roots. Here’s a look at some of the reasons behind the issue that’s bringing Indians into the streets:

1. Few female police (女警稀少)
2. Not enough police in general (警員整體人力不足)
3. Blaming provocative clothing (怪罪女性衣著挑逗)
4. Acceptance of domestic violence (接受家暴)
5. A lack of public safety (缺乏公共安全)
6. Stigmatizing the victim (污名化受害者)
7. Encouraging rape victims to compromise (鼓勵強暴受害者妥協)
8. A sluggish court system (法庭系統不彰)
9. Few convictions (定罪率低)
10. Low status of women (女性地位低)

sexual violence 性暴力
rape 強暴
endemic 常見的
provocative 煽動的
domestic violence 家庭暴力
stigmatize 污辱
compromise 妥協讓步
sluggish 虛弱的


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