Motorists' grace period for anti-mobile device law nearly up.
Motorists who use cellphones or other mobile devices will receive fines from Jan. 1

Drivers and motorcycle riders who use devices such as cellphones or tablet computers, whether to write text messages, read e-books or play games, will be fined between NT$1,000 and NT$3,000.
使用手機或平板電腦的汽機車駕駛人,不論是傳簡訊、看電子書或玩遊戲,都將會被處以新台幣1000-3000元的罰鍰 。

The law also applies to those stopped at traffic lights or stuck in traffic. 若汽機車駕駛人在等紅燈或塞車時有這些行為一樣會被開罰。

Motorists also need to be careful about another new regulation from Jan. 1 next year regarding a cut in the maximum legal BAC from 0.25 mg to 0.15 mg.

“This new regulation will be applied to three types of drivers: people who do not have a driver's license, those who have had their license for less than two years, and those who are professional drivers.”

People also need to be aware of drinking soups that contain high levels of alcohol, such as sesame-oil chicken soup and ginger duck soup before getting behind the wheel.

motorist 機車騎士
grace period 寬限期
tablet computer 平板電腦
text message 簡訊
fine 罰款(v.)
BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) 血液酒精濃度測試
get behind the wheel 坐上車 (wheel指方向盤)


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