During Business trips, checking into a hotel and making hotel reservations is one of the important steps.

Although nowadays we make reservations online, but for business trips it is essential to make sure the procedure go smoothly.

The following are some useful sentences and dialogues.






A: Customer 顧客 / B: Clerk 櫃台人員


A: Excuse me, I have a booking reservation.

B: May I see your passport sir.

A: Certainly, here it is.

B: Sir, is your booking from Sept. 1st to 10th for 9 nights ?

A: Yes it is.

B: Sir, your room number is 805 on the eighth floor. Do you have any requirements?

A: I would like to have a none-smoking room, thank you.

B: Sure, I will arrange that, if you need anything else just call the front desk.

A: No problem, thank you for your service.



1. book 預約

2. reservation 保留

3. passport 護照

4. requirement 需求

5. arrange 安排


文/Jimmy Deng



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