Usually we will use online service to book hotel rooms

But for business trip it is important to call the hotel by yourself to make sure the arrangements meet your company’s needs.

Here are some useful dialogues.






A: Customer 顧客 / B: Clerk 櫃台人員


A: Hello, is this the Grand Hyatt Hotel? 

B: Yes this is. How may I help you sir?

A: I would like to make a reservation for 5 double rooms in the name of _____corp.

B: And when are you staying sir?

A: The stay will begin from May 16th to 21st for 5 nights.

B: Do you have any requirements sir?

A: We’d like 2 separate single beds in every room, and we need morning calls at 8.

B: No problem sir, if you need anything feel free to contact us.

A: Thank you for your service.


1. double room 雙人房

2. single bed 單人床

3. separate 分開的

4. morning call 叫醒服務

5. feel free 安心的/ 盡情的/ 無須拘束


文/Jimmy Deng



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