I believe many of you keep pets in your house. You will treat and raise them as kindly as you can. Because you respect and love them. But in some part of our world, there are some pets” that are not being treated as how they should be. For example, if you have been to, or just seen the travel plan from a travel agency about Thailand, there's one activity that people wouldn't miss, that is, riding elephant. The video below was shot by a team that works alongside the staff of Elephant Nature Park (www.elephantnaturepark.org) and Save Elephant Foundation (www.saveelephant.org), which aims to protect the elephant that's been treated unfairly for business purpose in Thailand. Usually, to raise the awareness and letting people see how serious the problem is, people would share the video about the cruel truth; but today, we share something that will remind people of just how beautiful pure happiness is.


Take a look at baby elephant bath time!

文/Bob Tsai



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