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How low-paid workers at 'click farms' create appearance of online popularity (血汗工廠專門在臉書上按讚衝人氣)

How much do you like courgettes? According to one Facebook page devoted to them, hundreds of people find them delightful enough to click the "like" button.

你有多喜歡南瓜呢? 根據一個南瓜產品的臉書專頁,有數百人在此按讚。

There's just one problem: the liking was fake, done by a team of low-paid workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, whose boss demanded just $15 per thousand "likes" at his "click farm". Workers punching the keys might be on a three-shift system, and be paid as little as $120 a year.
不過這當中有個問題: 這些按讚的帳號都是假的,全是出自孟加拉一群廉價勞工之手。他們的老闆要求他們在臉書上按1千個讚才能賺取15美金。這些員工的工作可能採三班制,一年年薪只有120美金(約台幣$3600)

Click farms have become a growing challenge for companies which rely on social media measurements – meant to indicate approval by real users – to estimate the popularity of their products.


For the workers, though, it is miserable work, sitting at screens in dingy rooms facing a blank wall, and sometimes working through the night. For that, they could have to generate 1,000 likes or follow 1,000 people on Twitter to earn a single US dollar.


Dhaka-registered Shareyt.com, meanwhile, claims to act as a middleman to connect companies seeking to boost their profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn and YouTube.

這間位於孟加拉的Shareyt.com公司的主要業務是幫各公司在其臉書、推特、Google+、LinkedIn 及Youtube專頁上衝人氣。
"We made it as simple as mouse-clicking," the front page of the site says, claiming that it is "a crowd-sourcing platform to help you improve social media presence and search engine ranking FREE".


 Shareyt.com has now seen Facebook and Twitter prevent links to the site being posted on their networks. Twitter bans "fake followers" or the buying of followers. 



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如果蓋好摩天大樓,才發現不能使用電梯,會不會是很瞎的事? 這事情真的在西班牙發生了!!
Benidorm's white elephant woe: Spanish skyscraper going up — but without an elevator?

If you are thinking of investing in an apartment at the Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain, be prepared to bring some good walking shoes: Its builders forgot a working elevator.

According to a story surfaced on Gizmodo, the luxury high-rise tower, which started construction in 2007, was originally designed for 20 floors. But the the developers decided to push the design to include 47 floors with 269 homes. When completed, it will be Benidorm’s highest building at 650 feet.
根據美國科技媒體Gizmodo報導,這棟自2007年動工的的豪華大樓,原本只有設計蓋20層樓。但開發商卻更改設計圖,把建築物提高47層樓,可容納267個家庭。這棟大樓完工後,將會是當地最高的建築物,高達650英呎 (約200公尺),不過現在卻成為一個笑柄。

There seemed to be just one important oversight: In going up to 47 floors, designers forgot to take into account room for an elevator shaft. El Pais reports that the architects on the project resigned in May 2012.
這一切就在於一個重大疏失: 設計師竟忘記幫加高的47樓層預留電梯空間。該項設計師也已在2012年五月辭職。

The building “represents a long story of incompetence,” according to El Pais. The coastal town had a building
boom that led to the nickname “Beniyork” for its skyline of high-rises.

But then the recession hit. Intempo’s developer, which had once advertised the building as the “banner of the future,” and the bank that provided the loan for construction both went bankrupt in 2009. The building has cost €100 million so far.

Already 35 percent of the apartments have been sold to international buyers. The building is 95 percent complete, and it is expected to be done by spring 2014.

•   新聞字彙  
white elephant  大而無用的東西  
high-rise 大廈  
take into account 把...列入考量
skyline (建築物在天空映襯下的)輪廓線
recession (經濟)衰退     
banner 標


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Southern Taiwan students take to feet to oppose 4th nuke plant
Six students, from National Sun Yat-sen University and National University of Kaohsiung  initiated the campaign to walk from the southern tip of Taiwan to Kaohsiung,  in time to take part in an anti-nuclear rally in the city on March 9.

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10 reasons why India has a sexual violence problem

The case of a 23-year-old medical student who died after a brutal gang rape on a bus in   has seemed to snap India to attention about its endemic sexual violence problem. Hundreds of Indians poured into the streets of New Delhi to mourn the young woman, and police announced that the six men arrested in connection with the attack had been charged with murder.

In recent years, New Delhi has earned the title of “rape capital” of India, with more than 560 cases of rape reported in the city, but violence against Indian women is widespread and has deep roots. Here’s a look at some of the reasons behind the issue that’s bringing Indians into the streets:

1. Few female police (女警稀少)
2. Not enough police in general (警員整體人力不足)
3. Blaming provocative clothing (怪罪女性衣著挑逗)
4. Acceptance of domestic violence (接受家暴)
5. A lack of public safety (缺乏公共安全)
6. Stigmatizing the victim (污名化受害者)
7. Encouraging rape victims to compromise (鼓勵強暴受害者妥協)
8. A sluggish court system (法庭系統不彰)
9. Few convictions (定罪率低)
10. Low status of women (女性地位低)

sexual violence 性暴力
rape 強暴
endemic 常見的
provocative 煽動的
domestic violence 家庭暴力
stigmatize 污辱
compromise 妥協讓步
sluggish 虛弱的


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Motorists' grace period for anti-mobile device law nearly up.


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隨著「哈佛小子」林書豪迅速竄紅,因他而誕生的單字「Linsanity」(林來瘋) 也激發了球迷與媒體們以Lin-為首的創意造字運動,如Linpossible (林可能), Linderella(林灰姑娘), Lincredible(林神奇)等。球迷們的想像力真是令人嘆為觀止。

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