The manners that you should notice in a bowling game:


1.   Take your own ball; it’s impolite to take other’s ball.

2.   Do not shout before or after you throw the ball, do not act too over even you throw a strike.

3.   Do not throw over the track. Do not stay on the track after you throw the ball.

4.   When the other player already aim the tenpin, do not walk on the track, let other player throw first. If you and other play aim the tenpin at the same time, let the right-side player throw first.

5.   Do not talk on the track, and do not disturb other player before they throw.

When you hit 8 tenpins at the first time, and hit the left 2 tenpins at the second throw, that means you make a SPEAR.

If you hit all the 10 tenpins at the first throw, that means you make a STRIKE.

If you make 3 strikes continually that means you make a TURKEY 


It’s very difficult and complicated to count the score. Don’t concern too much about the score, play happily.



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