How to read the score?

15-0  is Fifteen - love 

30-40 is Thirty - Fourty

Deuce means : temporary draw after each player get 3 points

Get one more point, you will win the game. (15-0 → 30-0 → 40-0 → Game → You Win!)
If you get
Advantage』(40-40=Deuce → Adv-40 → Deuce)

Otherwise, the game will back to deuce.


Get 1 point to win a game. That’s game point.

Get 1 point to win a set.   That’s set point.

Get 1 point to win a match.   That’s match point.

If you’re good enough to make your opponent to lose his/her game which is lead by him/her, we called that break point.


At the most, there will be 6-7 games in a set.

At the most, there will be 3-5 sets in a match.


If you release the ball in the begging of the game and your opponent is not able to hit back, which means you make an Ace ball.

If you hit the releasing ball back from your opponent and get score, which means you make a Return Ace.


The four big games you should know: Australian Open 澳洲公開賽, French Open 法國公開賽, Wimbledon Championships 溫布頓大賽, and U.S. Open 美國公開賽



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