The latest season of Game of Thrones is coming this July. 

I’m also one of its loyal fans and I’m looking forward to the first episode of the season.




The TV series is based on George Raymond Richard Martin’s novel, The song of Ice and Fire

It’s a high fantasy story which is about the seven kingdoms in Westeros fighting for the iron throne.

這部美劇是從美國作家George Raymond Richard Martin的小說《冰與火之歌》翻拍是一個史詩奇幻風格的故事敘述著Westeros大陸上的七大強國如何爭奪霸主之位。


Speak to this, you should also know some classic lines in it. 

One of the famous quotes is “winter is coming” and the orgasm of the story takes place in winter.


其中最有名的一句便是Winter is coming.整個故事的高潮便是在冬季發生


It is said that people would be loners if they’ve never watched it. 

Last year, a netizen uploaded an interesting video that is about how people who don’t watch Games of Thrones get isolated and meet lots of troubles. 

And it’s even more ironic that the video would only be funny for those who have watched the drama.




Though the video is just for fun, it also shows how well-known Game of Thrones is in America. 

Hope you like it and try to finish all 6 seasons to enjoy the latest season in this July. 









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