Having fear of heights is what keeps people from gaining their very first climbing experience. Try out bouldering instead. There are no complicated rope systems, you typically don’t get too high off the ground, and all you really need are shoes and some chalk.Bouldering is a great physical workout. Using muscles all over you body-not just your arms. Cool, gymnastic movement on rock-this is what bouldering is all about. Unlike most forms of exercise, however, it’s so much fun you might not even realize you’ve had a big workout-until you wake up the next day feeling sore in so many weird places. Below is a clip in which you can learn about the basics of this indoor rock climbing. Take the time to enjoy the process, be safe, and hopefully your climbing will come full circle, too. 

fear of heights (n.)懼高症
Whether you are an individual suffering from fear of heights, or know someone who does, this guide is written for you!


Do you typically achieve what you set out to do? 你是否通常能達成自己的目標?


gymnastic(adj.) 體操的
He received gymnastic education from a prestigious school. 他在一間很棒的學校接受體糙教育。


basics(n.) 基礎

come full circle(v.) 兜一大圈又回到原地
She began her Europe travel from Switzerland and came full circle when her journey ended in Switzerland.












1.aspect(n.) 方面
We should see both aspects of the problem. 我們應該看到問題的兩面。
3. crash pad 防撞墊
4. essential(n.)要件
We only had time to pack a few essentials. 我們只來得及裝上幾件必需品。
5. spot (v.)監督;偵查
We spent the whole morning spotting. 我們花了一個早上偵查敵方的目標。



文/ Freda

影片/ Youtube


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