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-Never Forget Those Who Inspire and Support You  


After <Once> and <Begin Again>, John Carney produced a new Irish musical film called <Sing Street>.  It was out in theaters on June 19th in Taiwan this year.

        繼<愛是唯一>與<曼哈頓戀習曲>之後,John Carney再次製作愛爾蘭新作音樂電影<搖滾青春戀習曲>。這部電影在今年七月19號於台灣上映。


Conor transfers to a free state-school, Synge Street CBS, because of the financial problem in his family.  He meets Raphina, the girl who is a beautiful aspiring model.  In order to impress her, he puts a band, Sing Street, with some music nerds from school and invites Raphina to film the music video with them.  During the period, Conor’s brother always supports and inspires him with his own experience about the history and knowledge of music industry.

Conor因為家中的經濟問題,轉學到一所州立學校(Synge Street CBS)。他在那遇到Raphina,一位美麗且心懷壯志的模特兒。為了要得到她的芳心,Conor與學校裡的一些音樂同好組成一個叫做Sing Street的樂團,並邀請Raphina與他們一同拍攝音樂錄影帶。在這段期間當中,他的哥哥總是在他身後,用他過去對音樂產業的瞭解,去支持且激勵他不斷進步。


        Throughout all of this, the significance of the film is not about the romantic element but the process that a group of people try to stand out from the conservative lifestyle, persevere with the dream and stick to it without any hesitations.



        The closing title “For brothers everywhere” also illustrates again what Carney wants to express, “don’t forget there’s always someone who backs you up when you’re on the road to success.”



The song <Up> performed by The Score in the film is about Raphina, she’s the turning point that Conor starts to create his own music.  Now let’s enjoy this song together.

The Score在電影中所演唱的<Up>是關於Raphina,她即是Conor開始創作音樂的轉捩點。現在我們就一起來欣賞這首歌吧!




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