Nowadays, people propose the equality in women and men. However, this is not implemented completely, especially in a relationship. So today let’s see how a comedian called KT Tatara explains this selectively-equality situation in a relationship.

來聽聽 KT Tatara 的想法:



Should men pay for women?

What two things KT Tatara mentioned in the video to end up being single?

Based on the video, in a relationship, women or men take over the control?

How do women take control of their relationships? 


Word bank

Equality   n. 平等

Policy     n. 政策

Independent   adj. 獨立的

Split        v. 分開付帳

Cheap     adj. 窮酸的

Old-fashion    n. 老派

Apron     n. 圍裙

Selectively      adv. 選擇性得

Yell                 v. 大喊

Struggle n. 掙扎

Flaps       n. 上上下下

Generally       adv. 普遍來說

Indecisive       adj. 沒有主見的

Controlling     adj. 控制欲強的

Let guard down (phrase) 卸下心防


文/ Reene 

圖/ Pixabay

參考資料/ Youtube


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