Usually during break time we will have a small talk with other co-workers

A common setence starts with a question asking about the activities they were doing, be careful when using the past tense.

The followig dialogue is a small talk between two people in the company’s cafeteria.


Tom: Hi, Jack. You’re taking a break? How’s the A project going?
Jack: So far so good. I called your office 2 hours ago, but you weren’t there. 
Tom: Oh, I was having a meeting with Peter about the presentation. 
Jack: no wonder you didn’t get my message. 
Tom: So what were you going to tell me?
Jack: nothing serios actually, I just want to let you know that I booked the hotel rooms and plane tickets for your business trip. 
Tom: That’s great. When you’re in charge of this, I don’t need to worry. 
Jack: Thanks for the appreciation. 
Tom: Well, I should better get back to work. Jack: Sure, me too. See you later. 


文/ Jimmy Deng


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