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         I’m a big fan of Mexican food, so I’d like to share some things about it and then, the next time you go to a Mexican restaurant , you’ll know what to order.  :D      

小編非常喜歡吃墨西哥料理,所以今天打算分享一些關於墨西哥料理的訊息,這樣下次大家就知道可以選什麼好吃的囉 YA

        They’d use native ingredients such as corns, tomatoes, chilis, avocados, black beans and so on to make Mexican food. And Mexican food are usually saltier, spicier, with rich and strong flavors.


        Here are some common Mexican food that you can see on menus:

  • Nachos 玉米片

Usually eat it with salsa (莎莎醬), sour cream(酸奶油), and guacamole (類似酪梨醬)

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Tacos 墨西哥玉米(捲)餅

Usually with meat, yellow/red peppers(紅黃椒), tomatoes, lettuce(生菜) inside (but many different flavors that you can choose from)


  • Burritos 墨西哥捲餅

Can also put many ingredients inside, such as Mexican rice(墨西哥炒飯)


  • Quesadilla 墨西哥薄餅

Usually use “flour tortilla” as the bread, with chicken, cheese, and other ingredients to bake(烤), then you can dip it with sour cream or guacamole(可沾酸奶或酪梨醬一起吃)

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文/ Aneya Tsai

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