There are actually lots of stray dogs that are really amiable and lovely;

however, most of people are scared away by them because of their emaciated body or terribly wounded skin.

Gladly, there are still some warm-hearted people out there helping these furry cutie pies to finalize their suffering.

Let’s see this miracle together in today’s video.


然而, 很多人卻被這些流浪狗瘦骨如柴的身形及皮膚病而卻步

幸運的是, 好在還有很多心地善良的人願意當這些毛茸茸的小可愛們結束他們的慘劇


Word bank

Bait dog         n.     a punching dog

Scent             n.     smell

Starved         adj. hungry 

Dehydrated adj. feeling weak or ill because you have lost lot of water from your

body by not drinking enough or through sweating

Puncture       n.     small hole made by accident

Donation box        n.     a box for people to give money or receipt to an organization

Medical                adj. relating to medicine and the treatment of injuries and diseases

The Ring                n.     the sport of boxing or wrestling

Inflicted                adj.        unpleasant

Gash              n.     a long deep cut in your skin or in the surface of something

Fracture         v.     to break or crack

Porch             n.    small area covered by a roof at the entrance to a house or

other building

Sleepover     n.     allowing guests to stay night at

one person’s house


After this inspirational video, are you still thinking that stray dogs are terrible?

Would you give a hand to a dog in need?





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