(White Day) 白色情人節源自於(was originated from)日本,在這一天,是女性回送心儀(admired/adored) 男子禮物的日子,最初(originally)是由「石村萬盛堂」所推出的商業化行銷活動(commercialized sell),由於砂糖是白色的,所以後來才通稱白色情人節。




其實愛一點都不複雜,就像這些小孩說的一樣,就是做自己( be who you really are)

珍惜身邊的人(aprreciate your loved ones);願意為所愛的人付出,愛,不需要以金錢來衡量,而是從很多小地方便能看出來的(little things show love a lot)

其中這個弟弟說的這句話,是小編的最愛,和你們分享一下:”True love is a mixture of friendship, appreciation, and happiness.”


 -       Complicated (adj) 複雜的

Love is really complicated; sometimes there’s no reason why you fall in love with this person.

 -       Gross (adj) 噁心的

Ewwwww man, that’s really gross! Stop it!

 -       Be in love with sb. 和某人墜入愛河

        Just be honest with me. Are you in love with Kurt?

 -       YOLO = You Only Live Once

        You know what? “YOLO~” So, let’s just do this. Stop being a chicken!

 -       Eye contact 眼神交流

Remember to always have eye contacts with your audiences during a speech, this is very important.

 -       Chill (n) 寒意 (adj) 冷的 (v) 變冷

        Get the chills 起雞皮疙瘩感 (可好可壞)

                Wow~~~ Did you also get the chills from her singing? That was awesome!

        Chill out 冷靜

        Just chill out, everything will be fine.

 -       Pound (v) 敲擊

Did you feel my heart pounding?

 -       Cozy (adj) 舒適的

        I always love a cozy afternoon.

 -       Be coming up 快到了

                Valentine’s Day is coming up. Have you got any ideas where to celebrate it?

 -      Come up with 想出

        Have you come up with a solution yet?


文/ Aneya

影片/ Youtube



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