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Interacting with co-workers is a common skill we face daily, there isn’t a correct answer to response but there are some proper ways.
Today’s topic is about furnitures and decorations in the office, the following is a example dialogue between two colleagues discussing the objects in the office.

辦公室情節: 布置辦公室 今天的主題是關於詢問辦公室布置的對話,包含了該用哪些家俱,還有提出問題和給予意見。

Peter: I got a promotion, I’m changing to a new office.

Elsa: Congradulations! Which floor is it?

Peter: It’s on the 18th floor. I’m going to move in on next Monday.

Elsa: That’s great. Do you need any help?

Peter: I would like to take your advice for the decorations.

Elsa: well, you need a office table, cabinets and some armchairs.

Peter: Nice. I think I need a new computer.

Elsa: You can contact the tech group. By the way, you also need a sofa and some plants for fresh air.

Peter: Thank’s for the help. Now I have more ideas for my new office.

Elsa: My pleasure.


文/Jimmy Deng




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