Pokémon Go is the very fashionable icon these days that sweeps the whole world this year. 

After it open to Taiwan, the app downloads has already reached up to more than one thousand million times on Google Play. 

It reminds many people of Pokémon’s cartoon they wacthed when they were young and most of them recognize that it’s a part of their childhood memory. 

Now you can see crowds flooding into parks, night markets, college campuses and even on those bare roads just to get one of those exotic pokémons.


在台灣開放下載後,下載次數在Google Play上已高達一億次以上。




The animation of “Pokémon” was from 1995.  At that time, it was well known and famous not only in Asia but also in the West. 

In fact, Pokemon’s first movie hit the big screen close behind after three years in 1998. 

Since then, it has already released 18 Pokémon animated films in total.





As we can imagine, The Pokémon Company strikes while the iron is hot.

They are now planning to launch a live-action movie, “Detective Pikachu”, along for a ride

According to the latest information, the scenario will be written by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch.

Though they script for different kinds of films, Nicole Perlman scripted for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Lord of the Rings” series and Alex Hirsch wrote for "Gravity Falls" , both of them are expert in the field of fantasy adventure.


可想而知,寶可夢公司打鐵趁熱,他們將搭上此次的順風車,計畫推出真人電影─Detective Pikachu。

根據最新的消息,劇本將由Nicole Perlman與Alex Hirsch編寫。

雖然兩位為不同的電影編劇,Nicole Perlman過去為<星際異工隊>與<魔戒>系列電影編劇,而Alex Hirsch為<怪誕小鎮> 編劇,但同時兩位也都對於科幻冒險的故事類型非常拿手。


In “Detective Pikachu”, Pikachu will serve as an adorable detective and solve cases with Ash Ketchum and other Pokémon trainers.

The movie will start filming in 2017 and is projected to attract a great amount of Pokémon trainers to take up those theaters in 2018.


在<Detective Pikachu>當中,皮卡丘將擔任可愛小偵探,並且與小智及其他訓練家一同破案。



fashionable icon 流行指標

open to 對...開放

app downloads 軟體下載次數

campus 校園 (若是強調校園的用途,將其視為求學的地方,通常是不可數的,但若只將其視為一個地點,則是可數的)

bare 僅僅、光禿禿的

exotic 奇異的、異國的

hit the big screen 搬上大螢幕

strike while the iron is hot 打鐵趁熱

along for a ride 搭上順風車

be expert in 內行的、熟練的

start filming 開拍


文/Gloria Guo




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