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This week we are going to learn some phrases to understand “How and What” should we say to build a better working environment.

The verbs are useful to solve problems and misunderstanding, for more information please contact us.



1. Go through 閱覽/總覽一遍

To examine and review

We need to go through these files before reporting to our supervisor.


2. Set up 安排

Make an arrangement or schedule

Please call the PR team to set up a interview with the media.


3. Called off 取消

To be cancelled

Your flight has been called off due to the storm.


4. Called for 提出要求/明令/

To request/ demand/ require for something

The manager called for a emergency meeting.


5. Come around to 接受

To accept

The seniors have started coming around to face the problems.

文/Jimmy Deng



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