During work, especially in the office, we need to understand different phrasel verbs for working environments.

From normal communication to meetings and presentations, here are 5 useful phrases for Business English beginners.



1. Come up with 想出/提出

To suggest or create a new idea or plan

We came up with a whole new business strategy.


2. Figure out 解決/理解

To understand or solve a problem

We need to figure out a better plan to fix financial problems.


3. Cut out 刪除/解除/剃除

To delete, remove or eliminate

The president wants to cut out the supplier and start manufacturing by ourselves.


4. Get around 避免/繞過/解決

Find a way to avoid a problem

David found a way to get around the tough situation.


5. Go on with 繼續

To continue something

Please go on with your presentation.



文/Jimmy Deng


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