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Zombie movies are getting more and more common since 2010, the release of “The Walking Dead.” You can say that “The Walking Dead” is the classic of zombie movie. However, when it comes to the latest and the most famous zombie movie, it must be “A Train t Busan!” Have you seen the movie yet? If not, here’s the movie trailer!



“A Train to Busan” is not only a very exciting but also a super touching movie. It shows a lot about “humanity” which definitely makes you think a lot after seeing the movie. For me, the scariest part of the movie isn’t about zombies crazily eating people, but when humans start losing their moral standards, rationality, and they don’t care about others at all but themselves. This really upset me and made me understand the ugliness of human nature. How about you? What’s your reflection? Which part of the movie is the most unforgettable scene to you?


BTW, here’s a funny story. When I took a HSR to Taoyuan, I couldn’t help thinking “What if there are zombies here?” and “Oh so this is how they feel when they were on the train.” hahahahahaha







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