Do you feel the cost of living in Taiwan is a little bit too high sometimes?

Is 5000 NT a month for a six ping room a little too much for you?

Then be glad you don’t live in Switzerland, where according to the website Numbeo (, the average cost of living in Switzerland (excluding rent) is 119.09% higher than Taiwan!

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at the McDonalds prices in Switzerland!A Big Mac in Switzerland costs 11.50 Swiss Francs, which is about 380 NT in Taiwan! Absolutely insane!






你不相信? 就看一下瑞士麥當勞的價格表!

一個大麥克要價11.50瑞士法郎相當於380台幣! 真的太誇張!



文/ Jimmy Wang

圖/ Pixabay

參考來源/ Numbeo

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