參加節目(The Voice)第六季並獲得第三名的美國22歲歌手 Christina Grimmie


6/10週五晚上於奧蘭多辦現場粉絲會面期間突然被一名男子開槍射擊Christina Grimmie兄長為了救她試圖制服槍手,但槍手






On June 10, the Voice singer Christina Grimmie was shot dead by a crazy fan with two guns when she was


in the meet-and-greet with her fan. This shooter approached to her and killed her when she was signing autographs.


According to witnesses, Christina Grimmie even wanted to give this shooter a hug!! However, the motive of this


shooter is actually unsure said by policeman because they couldn’t find anything related to Christina Grimmie


from his personal stuff.


News about Christina Grimmie




concert n.演唱會

upcoming adj.即將發生的

confused adj.困惑的

suspect n.嫌疑犯

approach v.接近

meet-and-greet n.見面會

in attendance n.phrase 出席

apparently adv.顯然地

tackle v. 處理


check out the video to see how talented she is...






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